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Release Notes

Version 1.4

  • Release date: 2019-11-26

What's new in this release

  • INFVRS-667 Host Connectivity Status is shown on the entities table
    • Host Connectivity Status is shown on the entities table
  • INFVRS-639 Added InfiniBox System Versions Widget
    • System Versions Widget is now available on the widgets bank
  • INFVRS-627 Admin users can now change Site Names
    • The new names are visible to all users

Fixed issues

  • INFVRS-709 "Last 24 Hours" widget becomes "Last 10 min" when saved as Report
  • INFVRS-698 Capacity analyzer (at the system level) shows pool allocated physical capacity instead of system allocated physical capacity
  • INFVRS-687 PDF Report start at the end of the page

Version 1.3

  • Release date: 2019-07-11

What's new in this release

  • INFVRS-612 New Insight: Network space speed mismatch
    • InfiniVerse scans Network Space configuration, and will display an Insight in cases where the Network Spaces are not configured to the same speed on all Nodes.
  • INFVRS-415 Future capacity trend graphs are now available.
    • InfiniVerse presents 3 months of forecasted physical capacity per Pool and System. The forecast is calculated using competing AI algorithms. It identifies repeating patterns and ignores anomaly capacity changes (e.g. significant amount of added or deleted capacity). 6 months of capacity history (if available) is taken into account.


  • INFVRS-657 New user interface for searching and filtering system entities
  • INFVRS-607 Charts visibility settings are now saved per client/browser

Fixed issues

  • INFVRS-642 Scrollbar doesn't always appear on Safari and Firefox browsers
  • INFVRS-634 In some cases, the reported Flash Cache capacity is incorrect
    • On the system page, the reported Flash Cache Capacity may not always reflect the actual amount installed in Infinibox, as reported by the system GUI.
  • INFVRS-633 In some cases the timestamp is not shown when hovering over graphs

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