Release date

  • Nov 30th, 2018 

Availability of upgrade

  • This InfiniGuard software version is available only as a fresh install
  • There is no upgrade path from pre-3.0 releases to this release

What's New in release 3.0

Introducing new InfiniGuard models

This release introduces the following InfiniGuard models:

  • InfiniGuard B4260N - 1PB Net Capacity

  • InfiniGuard B4212N - 2PB Net Capacity

InfiniMetrics support for InfiniGuard

InfiniGuard 3.0 metrics can be displayed on InfiniMetrics 4.2.

Known issues for this release

severity Key release notes title release notes description
Major IBA-547 Temporary DDE GUI tab unavailability

Sending a specific HTTP header to a data interface may cause the DDE tab in the GUI to become temporarily unavailable for a short period of time.

Minor IBA-405 InfiniGuard does not send an event when DDE node is inaccessible

When the DDE node is unavailable, the system does not generate an event. However, the GUI Health state and Health screen do display the DDE unavailability

2 issues

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