Release date

  • Aug 29th 2018

What's New in InfiniSync 1.3

  • This release features an improved GUI dashboard as well as a better fit to the InfiniBox GUI
  • This release features CLI and RESTful APIs
  • This release features secured SSL communication between InfiniBox and InfiniSync and between GUI clients to the InfiniSync GUI

Support matrix

InfiniBox models

F2xxx, F4xxx, F6xxx

InfiniBox releaseInfiniBox 4.0.14 and up
Number of protected replicasUp to 250

Limitations and known issues

Key severity release notes title release notes description
ISYNC-1 Minor The InfiniSync Black Box cooler will automatically shut down

The InfiniSync Black Box cooler will automatically shut down, without sending any direct alert to the user, at a temperature of  50°C.
Workaround: Contact INFINIDAT Support.

ISYNC-2 Minor There is no alert when only one of the two Black Box power supplies fails.

An alert is generated when both power supplies fail.

ISYNC-3 Minor Unprotecting or recovering more than 15 protected replicas at a time is not supported
ISYNC-4 Minor Non-informative error message is generated when recovering a replica in Mismatch state
ISYNC-5 Minor The Recovery operation fails if Node-1 on the target InfiniBox is not accessible

Workaround: make the Node accessible and retry the Recovery operation.

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