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This section instructs you how to download and install the SRA. The following illustration depicts the way the SRA relates to the SRM, vSphere, ESX and to the other INFINIDAT components.


  1. Make sure you have admin privileges for both InfiniBox systems.
  2. Fulfill the installation prerequisites (See here).
  3. Download the SRA (See here).
  4. Install the INFINIDAT SRA on the SRM servers in both sites.
  5. After the installation is complete, open the Site Recovery solution in the vSphere client, and rescan the SRAs.
  6. Use the Add Array Manager wizard to configure the storage array in each site.
  7. Specify a name for each Array Manager.
  8. Insert the connection parameters.
    The SRA installation details are displayed on the vCenter Array Managers tab.
  9. View the details of the SRA installation.
    The Summary tab displays the InfiniBox, the SRA and the details of the array manager.
    The Array Pairs tab displays pairs of InfiniBox systems and pools. The local and remote arrays of each pair are displayed.
    1. On each site you see the local array listed as: 
    2. The remote pool array is listed as: 
    3. The Enable button tells the SRM to manage this array pair. See Enabling the replication for detailed instructions. 
    4. The Devices tab displays the volumes in each Array Pair, and whether it is currently transferring data from one array to the other.
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