The host readiness check, called the "settings check" in the CLI, ensures that the host is set according to the InfiniBox best practices.

Protocol Type - FC / iSCSI

Host PowerTools supports hosts that are connected to InfiniBox either via FC or iSCSI.

  • Host PowerTools automatically identifies the connections for hosts that are connected via FC.
  • When iSCSI connection to InfiniBox is required, Host PowerTools should be set to iSCSI mode.

Host readiness via CLI

  1. Run:

    infinihost settings check –auto-fix
  2. Fix what needs to be fixed. At the end, the result should be:

    This host is ready to work with the InfiniBox

Host readiness via GUI

If Host PowerTools readiness was never run or didn't completed successfully, a warning message will appear when opening the GUI stating that host is Not Ready.

  1. Click the Prepare button next to the warning message. 
    The Host Readiness screen opens.
  2. Click Start to run the readiness check and display the outcome on screen.

    1. Click Check to close the screen without fixing the issues.

    2. Click Fix to allow Host PowerTools to automatically fix all of the issues.
      You need to repeat this task whenever you connect the host to a new InfiniBox. 
      See more details below.

  3. For provisioning tasks, see: Accessing the Host PowerTools GUI.


  • If other vendors' multipath software is installed on the host, a warning message or a pop-up might appear during Host Readiness execution.
    Installation of new multipath configuration rules (claiming rules) on Windows platform can cause a short removal and re-adding devices path which does not impact or disrupt applications.
    Other vendor multipathing software might detect this short path removal and alert in the form of a warning message or a pop-up. These warnings can safely be ignored.

Re-running host readiness check

To ensure that the host is prepared:

  1. Open Host PowerTools GUI. 
  2. Click the "More Options" icon on the top bar and select Check Host Readiness.


Re-running the host readiness check is required in the following cases:

  • Whenever you connect the host to a new InfiniBox system, you need to verify that the host is ready to work with it.
  • Whenever you convert a host between FC and iSCSI (or vice versa),
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