Protecting vSphere environment using SRM (with SRA installed) is based on the storage array replication (InfiniBox replication) along with SRM orchestration capabilities.

The vSphere environment has to be configured according to SRM requirements in advance.

  • At least two InfiniBox systems are required. 
  • For more information about SRM requirements, see VMware SRM documentation.

Environment configuration

The basic SRM required configuration consists of:

  1. InfiniBox system in both sites. (Protected and Recovery)
    • The InfiniBox systems should be configured with a replication link.
    • Note: later, when settings the InfiniBox Array Pair, use the same credentials (user and password) for both InfiniBox systems.
  2. vCenter server in both sites.
  3. ESXi server(s) in both sites.
  4. SRM server in both sites.
    • After SRM is installed in both sites, a site pair should be created. 
  5. It is strongly recommended to deploy Host PowerTools for VMware in both sites.

Setting InfiniBox Best Practices for vSphere environment  

Validate that the vSphere clusters and hosts are configured according to the InfiniBox best practices for vSphere:

Using INFINIDAT Host PowerTools for VMware

It is highly recommended to install Host PowerTools for VMware with every vCenter Server. Host PowerTools for VMware provides:

  • Ease-of-use.
  • Storage and host automation.
  • Best practices validation.

Fore more information on how to install and use Host PowerTools for VMware see: Host PowerTools for VMware

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