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Allocating storage resources to the host is done by creating a capacity pool and provisioning a volume. You can either map an existing volume, or create a new volume.

InfiniBox pools are virtual buckets for organizing storage workload. Every volume, snapshot, and clone resides in a pool. The storage administrator defines each pool’s physical capacity (portion of system physical capacity available for writes by the pool) and virtual capacity (soft limit on total size of all volumes in the pool). The storage administrator can update a pool’s physical and virtual capacity as well as move volumes between pools at any time.  Pool membership is purely metadata and does not affect data placement.

Creating a capacity pool on InfiniBox

Make sure there is a capacity pool available for you. This section provides brief instructions for creating a pool. More detailed explanation can be found on other InfiniBox publications.

For example: Creating a pool.

Viewing the pool from the host

Go back to the Host PowerTools shell and type:

infinihost pool list

A list of the InfiniBox pools is displayed on screen:

root@host-ci079 (Ubuntu 14.04) ➜  ~  infinihost pool list                                                    17-07-18 11:00
System      Pool       Physical Capacity (GB)    Virtual Capacity (GB)    Physical Free (GB)    Virtual Free (GB)    Volumes
box-ci05    first                       50.00                    50.00                 48.97                47.93          2
box-ci22    pool1                       77.00                    77.00                 74.00                74.00          3
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