INFINIDAT Host PowerTools is available for Linux, Windows, and other environments (See Supported Platforms). The Host PowerTools provide both Command Line Interface and GUI.

This page provides instructions for installing Host PowerTools on the following platforms:

  • Linux, Solaris
  • Windows

Following the installation of Host PowerTools, there is a need to prepare the host. For instructions see: Hosts readiness

First-time setup

Go to the download site:

Select the relevant command according to the operating system.

Linux, Solaris Installation instructions

  1. Click Host PowerTools on the navigation tree of the download site.
  2. Select a platform and run the relevant command on your shell. For example:

    sudo apt-get install -y host-power-tools

    IMPORTANT! For Solaris 10 the CSWcurl package should be installed before the Host PowerTools installation.

Windows Installation instructions

  1. Download the installation package and run it.
    A wizard opens on screen. 
    Complete the wizard steps.

Host PowerTools is installed and is available from the Start menu.

  • Note: on Windows Server 2016, the link from the Start menu will work only after a reboot. In order to access Host PowerTools, provide the full path to the binaries.
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