The INFINIDAT volume may be used as a datastore, meaning that more than one VM will be stored in it. When taking a snapshot of a volume, all changes to the volume are reflected in the snapshot (regardless of the VM that contributed to the changes).

Upon restoring the volume from its snapshot, all of data residing on the datastore is restored, regardless of the number of VMs that need to be restored.

The restore process performs the following operations:

  1. Map the snapshot to the cluster
  2. Initiate storage HBA rescan for the cluster to discover the new mapping
  3. Mount a clone as separate datastore in read-only mode
  4. Recover only the selected VM(s) from the clone datastore
  5. Unmount the read-only DS, unmap the clone and remove it
  6. Perform rescan again to make sure the mapping is updated


  1. Click on a snapshot and select Restore from the Actions menu.
    Restore Snapshot screen opens.
  2. Select either of the following:
    1. Leave the Restored VM Name field empty – The restored volume is created with the following name: 
    2. Name the virtual machine that will be restored
  3. Click Done.
    The volume is restored.
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