1. In vSphere Web client select the desired host or cluster.

  2. Locate Host PowerTools for VMware System List. Follow the instructions here: Locating the Host PowerTools for VMware System List.
  3. For each discovered InfiniBox system, a list of the volumes that are mapped to the select host or cluster is presented. 

The volumes are displayed along with the following information:

    • Datastore Name - The name of the datastore that uses the LUN.
    • Volume Name - The name of the volume on the InfiniBox.
    • Size - The storage space that was allocated to the volume when it was created.
    • # Paths - The number of paths that are available from the datastore to the volume.
    • LUN - Logical Unit Number. A unique identifier of the volume that is mapped to the cluster.
    • Device Name - The VMware container of virtual machines. If the volume was not created by Host PowerTools, the device name and the volume name are not identical.
    • Actions - The actions available on the volume.
      These actions are described in the following sections of this chapter.
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