Unable to boot from SAN and IO errors when using bonding on software-served FCoE


Bonding is currently unsupported for software defined FCOE interfaces and multipath SAN boot.

Affected OS

  • RHEL 6, 7


When using software-defined FCoE in a multipath SAN boot configuration, during the boot from SAN - with the OS disks in a multipath configuration - when bonding takes over the slave interfaces, IO errors may take place and the boot may hang.
In one particular case with INFINDAT storage arrays, enabling active/active in the multipath configuration has failed the active paths being when the bonding started. This occurs because, with multipath, the redundancy is supplied by the device-mapper-multipath thus cannot be provided by bonding/LAG.


Do not bond the individual FCoE interfaces that are the HBA paths for the multipath LUNS.


Bonding is fully supported on Ethernet interfaces are not used for FCoE.