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Key fixed in version release notes title release notes description
CLI-2067 2.2.10 Session timeout values are now configurable from InfiniShell InfiniShell proactively terminates the user session. The session times out upon user inactivity, or upon an amount of time, regardless of the user activity.
Both amounts of time are configurable from InfiniShell, using the new config.system.set_session_timeout command.
CLI-2065 2.2.10 The message of the day is visible in InfiniShell The message of the day is visible after logging into InfiniShell and in the output of the config.system.query command.
To be displayed by InfiniShell, the message of the day needs to be written using ASCII characters only.
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Accessing the InfiniShell Console

The InfiniBox Management Console provides both Graphic and command-line UI for managing the InfiniBox.
To access InfiniShell from the GUI:
Select InfiniShell from the More menu at the top right of the screen.
The InfiniShell console opens, displaying the command prompt:
Alternately, you can access the InfiniShell console from the following URL:
<InfiniBox>.<your-site>.com /#/infinishell

Getting help on commands

The help command uses the following arguments:

  • On – this argument gets a name of a command and returns the command syntax.
  • Search – this argument gets any string of characters and returns a list of commands and parameters.

A note on installing InfiniShell on a Windows client

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