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GUI and InfiniShell Release Notes

Release date

  • Aug-16-2016  

Availability of hot upgrade 

  • From 2.2.x to 2.2.10
  • From 2.0.x to 2.2.10

Availability of host software products

See the Host Software section on this website.

INFINIDAT Software Compatibility

See the software compatibility section on this website.

What's new

  • Improved mechanism and settings for the message of the day
  • Improved mechanism and settings for session timeout

Fixed issues

The table lists issues along with their priority. The issue priority is indicated by column 'P' with icons as follows:

  •  Critical
  •  Major
  •  Minor
  •  Trivial

P Key fixed in version release notes title release notes description
Critical INFINIBOX-22229 2.2.10 During an emergency shutdown event, one node may not complete the shutdown process

On a system with maximal SSD cache configuration, in a rare scenario, a node may not successfully complete the emergency shutdown process.

Critical INFINIBOX-22489 2.2.10 In a very rare case, a node failure leads to temporary system unavailability

A node failure during replication may lead, in a very rare case, to system unavailability.

Critical INFINIBOX-22732 2.2.10 Node activation during a massive file deletion activity may lead to system unavailability

This issue may occur only if the node activation takes place during the massive file deletion activity (1000s of parallel file deletions).

Critical INFINIBOX-22909 2.2.10 Setting the rate limit to 0 may cause NAS and Replication services unavailability

Setting the Network Space rate limit to 0 is available only via the Management API. GUI and InfiniShell are not affected.

Critical INFINIBOX-23030 2.2.10 Node hardware issue may lead to system unavailability

Following a node slowdown due to a hardware issue, the communication between the system nodes may fail, leading a temporary system unavailability.

Critical INFINIBOX-23380 2.2.10 Temporary system unavailability following a calculation of the reclaimable capacity during snapshot creation

A rare race condition between snapshot creation and a calculation of the reclaimable capacity of a snapshot that belongs to the same volume leads to a temporary system unavailability.

Critical INFINIBOX-23746 2.2.10 NAS service degradation due to an excessive use of UDP protocol

The InfiniBox NAS service supports only TCP transport. When an NFS client is misconfigured to use UDP transport, the NAS instance may fail after a long duration of attempts to use UDP.

Major INFINIBOX-22544 2.2.10 Slow throughput in an un-ordered sequential read workload

When the read pattern is sequential with gaps, the prefetch mechanism does not work optimally.

Major INFINIBOX-22580 2.2.10 When a node fails to upgrade, its FC links may not go down

Whenever the node completed the pre-upgrade quiesce and failed to load the new code, its FC links may not go down, and cause FC connections to time out

Major INFINIBOX-22720 2.2.10 Defining the message of the day to over 255 chars may cause temporary management unavailiability
Major INFINIBOX-22998 2.2.10 Local users with infinidat or technician roles cannot be disabled
Major INFINIBOX-23131 2.2.10 Performance improvement for write-intensive workloads

Improved cache hit rates in write-intensive workloads.

Major INFINIBOX-23154 2.2.10 When a communication link goes down, the replicas immediately transition to AUTO_SUSPENDED state

When the link to the remote InfiniBox goes down during sync, the replica enters into the AUTO_SUSPENDED state and requires manual resume by the user, instead of resuming automatically when the link comes back up.

Major INFINIBOX-23422 2.2.10 Replication service may fail after intensive use throughout several months

The NAS service may also fail as a result of an intensive use of the Replication service.

Minor INFINIBOX-23464 2.2.10 Missing API documentation in the GUI
15 issues

Known issues in this release

The table lists issues along with their priority. The issue priority is indicated by column 'P' with icons as follows:

  •  Critical
  •  Major
  •  Minor
  •  Trivial

P Key release notes title release notes description
Critical INFINIBOX-20628 In a rare scenario following a redistribution of soft-targets, hosts may lose paths connected to soft-targets
Critical INFINIBOX-21003 Provisioning the replica defaults to 9000 MTU may lead to network issues in environments with a lower MTU

Setting a new MTU on a replication network space does not set the management IP MTU.

Critical INFINIBOX-21811 Node failure on CPU soft lockup

Due to a very rare kernel bug, one of the node's CPU may lock up, leading to a node failure.

Critical INFINIBOX-22178 Node unavailability due to a flapping drive

When an enclosure drive is reported missing, and it is rediscovered shortly after the initial handling of the failure, a core node may become unavailable.

Critical INFINIBOX-22661 Hot upgrade cannot work when SSL redirection is turned on
Major INFINIBOX-14604 Link down on the master node may fail the replica management link

When the replication link fails on the system's master node, the data connections failover to the other nodes. The management connection, however, does not failover and becomes unavailable until the link is up again. During this time, although the replication keeps working as usual, the replica state may not be reported correctly and replication provisioning operations cannot be performed.

Major INFINIBOX-16813 In scenarios with large SAN fabric or long initiator latency the system average latency counter may be inflated
Major INFINIBOX-20434 InfiniBox incorrectly reports the AIX hosts supported reservation types

Although SCSI reservations are supported on AIX hosts, InfiniBox LUNs reserve_policy is incorrectly reported as limited to 'no_reserve' value only.

Major INFINIBOX-21295 Network configuration changes may fail when executed while a node is inactive

Workaround: carry out the network configuration changes only when all nodes are active.

Major INFINIBOX-21968 Soft targets may not come up on system restart

When soft targets are deployed (using NPIV), in some conditions, restarting the system may not bring up the soft targets.
Work-around: Disable and re-enable one of the ports.

Major INFINIBOX-22412 Temporary unavailability of the management service following creation of metadata objects in total excessive size

Creating metadata objects in an accumulative size of above 512MB may lead to failure of the management service

11 issues

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