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InfiniBox session timeout values are configurable from the GUI and CLI. These values apply to all of the clients (GUI, CLI, API). 

  • Idle session timeout - sets the session to expire in case of user inactivity
    • The user's credentials are kept for the timeout period. Within this period, when opening the GUI in the browser, there is no need to type the user and password.
    • By default, the session terminates after 1 hour of inactivity
  • Active session timeout - sets the session to disconnect the user 
    • By default, the session expires after 24 hours

These values are configurable, as described below.

Handling session expiry

Idle session timeout

When the session is about to expire due to inactivity, a message pops-up on screen.

  1. To keep the session, click on Keep me signed in
    The Idle Timeout counter is reset, allowing another hour of inactivity (1 hour by default, or the amount of time configured by the user).

Active session timeout

When the session expires, the user returns to the login screen.

Setting the session timeout parameters

  1. Log into InfiniBox GUI and click the Settings icon. The Setting screen opens, displaying the General tab. 
  2. Set the session timeout parameters:
    1. Idle session timeout
    2. Active session timeout
  3. Click Update.
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