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When running InfiniShell from outside the InfiniBox GUI, the following options are available.

Getting help

infinishell --help


infinishell [options] system[:port]


-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --version Print version and exit
-c CMD, --cmd=CMD Commands to execute (separated by semicolons)
-f FILE, --file=FILE Script file to execute
-d, --debug Enable debug prints
-r, --raw Display raw API responses instead of normal
Login username
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
Login password
-H CMD Display syntax of the specified command
-l FILE, --log=FILE Log commands to the specified file (default:
--write-default-config Generate the default configuration file at "/hom
--list-environment List environment variables
--color=WHEN Whether or not to output with color. Options
are: always, never, auto (default: auto)
-k, --keep-going Keep going when administration errors occur
(syntax errors always abort the entire script)
--fail-fast Stop running script when the first
administration error occurs (this is the
-q, --quiet No output apart from errors
--not-quiet Normal output, the opposite of --quiet (this is
the default)
--with-paging Enable paging of large outputs (this is the
--no-paging Disable paging of large outputs
-y, --yes Automatically confirm prompts (of potentially
destructive commands)
--no Automatically reject prompts (of potentially
destructive commands) (this is the default)
--history-file=PATH Path of history file, for cross-session history
of commands. By default this is saved in
InfiniShell's data directory, under a unique
name generated off of the target system address
--with-history Enable cross-session history of commands (this
is the default)
--no-history Disable cross-session history of commands
--csv CSV output mode (optimize output for easy
parsing, see RFC 4180)
--no-csv Disable CSV output mode (this is the default)
--json JSON output mode (optimize output for easy
parsing, see RFC 4180)
--no-json Disable JSON output mode (this is the default)
--request-timeout=SECONDS Maximal amount of time to wait for management
response (default: 30)
--with-ssl Encrypt connection using SSL or TLS (this is the
--no-ssl Do not encrypt connection
Please note that defaults may be overridden in the configuration file:
"/home/<user>/.infinidat/infinishell/infinishellrc". Also, some environment
variables are available for your convenience. To list them, use the --list-
environment option.


Printing the InfiniShell version

  • Parameters - None
  • Example - infinishell -v
  • Output - Infinidat LTD. Command Line Utility v2.0.0.26

Executing infinishell commands without logging into the system first

Execute infinishell commands separated by semicolons

  • Option - -c 
  • Example - infinishell -c "vol.delete name=v1" box-avi--user=admin --password=123456
  • Output - Volume "v1" deleted

Creating a script file

Create a file with infinishell commands that will be run one-by-one.

  • Options
    • -f - specify the file name
    • -k - do not exit the script file upon a failed execution of a command
    • -y - approve all dangerous operations
  • Example - infinishell -f shell-script box-avi --user=admin --password=123456 -y
  • Output

    NAME                                                               THIN                  SIZE                  USED             ALLOCATED        TREE ALLOCATED  POOL
    v1                                                                 no                10.00 GB                     0              10.00 GB                     0  p1
    Volume "v2" created
    NAME                                                               THIN                  SIZE                  USED             ALLOCATED        TREE ALLOCATED  POOL
    v1                                                                 no                10.00 GB                     0              10.00 GB                     0  p1
    v2                                                                 no                10.00 GB                     0              10.00 GB                     0  p1

Logging into an InfiniBox system

  • Parameters
    • system
    • user
    • password
  • Example - infinishell box-avi --user=admin --password=******
  • Output

    Infinidat Ltd. Command Line Utility v2.0.0.26
    For help on all commands, type 'help'.
    For help on a specific command, type 'help on=vol.create' or 'vol.create?'

Content of the infinishellrc file

How to generate this file

infinishell --write-default-config

The content of the file

  "api_max_page_size": 1000, 
  "internal_log_backup_count": 10, 
  "color": "auto", 
  "keep_going": false, 
  "api_port": 80, 
  "enable_fs_commands": false, 
  "api_warnings": false, 
  "api_ssl": true, 
  "default_address": null, 
  "username": "admin", 
  "api_request_timeout_seconds": 30, 
  "api_default_page_size": 50, 
  "history_file": null, 
  "plugins_dir": null, 
  "csv_output": false, 
  "api_default_search_page_size": 200, 
  "password": "38a7d20a8700614715deoJNra5ud4a87ffb6354aaad4b9f8", 
  "internal_log_max_size_mb": 20, 
  "json_output": false, 
  "internal_log_file": null, 
  "quiet": false, 
  "paging": true, 
  "history": true, 
  "api_ssl_verify_certificate": false, 
  "log_file": null, 
  "auto_confirm_prompts": false, 
  "api_ssl_port": 443
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