Release Notes

Issue fixed in this release

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What's new in release 2.2

New: consistency groups screen

  • Available from the GUI main screen and the left panel (as a tab of the Volumes and Filesystems screen), the Consistency Groups screen displays the defined consistency groups.
  • The consistency group is displayed along with its member datasets and snapshot groups.
  • The consistency group can be created, modified and deleted from this screen.
  • Members can be added and removed to and from the consistency group, snapshot groups can be taken and the consistency group can be restored from them.

New: filesytems screen

  • Available from the GUI main screen, the Volumes menu item is renamed to Volumes & FS.
  • The Volumes screen is expanded and now included a unified view for both volumes and filesystems, as well as separate views to each of them individually.
  • The Filesystem can be created, modified and deleted from this screen.
  • Filesystem snapshots and clones can be taken and restored.
  • Filesystem counters are available on the main GUI dashboard.

Network settings

  • The network spaces and network interfaces are now displayed on two separate tabs (accessible from the Setting menu item).
  • A new network spaces wizard streamlines the creation of a new network space.

Host logged-in initiators and port status

  • When creating a host, the GUI displays the available initiators that are logged-in to InfiniBox and are not associated with any other host.
  • The GUI displays the ports status (connected to all three nodes, degraded, disconnected).

Replication improvements

  • The replication screen displays the replica RPO and provides an indication for the RPO state.
  • Clicking a replica opens a replica details panel that displays the replica details in a graphical, easy to grasp, manner.

Cross-browser support

  • Added support for IE11.
  • Added support fro FireFox.

Indication on updates to the GUI software

  • The GUI indicates on new software versions that are available on the INFINIDAT Repository website.
  • The user can choose whether to let the GUI automatically update itself.


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