Linux Native Multipath coexistence with PowerPath


Test Description

This test checks if PowerPath is installed.

InfiniBox uses Linux DM-Multipath (a native multipath) and EMC PowerPath has coexistence issues with it.


This test case fails if:

PowerPath is installed.

This test case passes if:

PowerPath is not installed or PowerPath check ignore flag is marked True in the configuration.


How to fix this test

If PowerPath is not needed, the best way is simply to remove it.

The coexistence of PowerPath and DM-Multipath is not recommended according to EMC. The use of this combination is on the user's own risk.

If PowerPath is needed, the first step is to update Host PowerTools configuration, and mark powerpath-ignore flag as true:

  1. Open the custom configuration file

  2. Add the following configuration (the file should contain a valid JSON):

        "readiness": {
            "cases": {
                "coexistence": {
                    "ignore_powerpath": true

Automatic fix

Update Host PowerTools configuration, and mark powerpath-ignore flag as true.

Then, run the readiness tool. The tool will do the following:

  • Add EMC vendor to the DM-Multipath blacklist

Manual fix

Use the following steps:

  1. Update Host Power Tools configuration, and mark powerpath-ignore flag as true.

  2. Add the devices which uses PowerPath to DM-Multipath blacklist in the configuration file:


    the blacklist format in the configuration (regular expressions can be used):

    blacklist {
            device {
                    product .*
                    vendor EMC
  3. Install / Start DM-multipath service:
    1. 202404021 PowerTools Requires multipath-tools
    2. 202404141 The multipath-tools init service must be running

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