Click any of the monitored entities in order to view its metrics.

Viewing the system totals

The system totals monitor displays the following monitors:

  • SAN Throughput
  • SAN Latency
  • NAS Throughput
  • NAS Latency

Selecting which monitors to display

You can select among SAN only, NAS only and SAN and SAN on the Display list.

Selecting the display range

You can select a display range between 1 hour and 1 year (out of a list of preset time intervals).

Selecting a timeline portion to display

Use the timeline Go To button to select a point-in-time to display monitored data on. The range of the data that will be displayed depends on your Display Range selection (see above). 

  • Click Go To to select a timestamp.
  • Click Current to return to the present timestamp.

Selecting which metrics to display

Out of the available monitors, you can select which to display (selecting fewer monitors increases the screen space available for the monitor).

  1. Click the cog wheel to select whether to show annotations
  2. Use the monitors and SAN/NAS drop-down lists to select monitors.

Granularity of the sampled data

InfiniMetrics samples data at a rate of up to every 10 seconds. This level of detail is kept for one year.

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