Whenever an error message is displayed on screen, and the way to workaround it can't be found on this publication, please send the log to Infinidat Customer Support.

How to fetch a log

How to fetch a log from a browser

Use either of the following URLs:

  • If you know the InfiniBox serial number, go to: http://<InfiniMetrics>/system/<serial>/collect_logs.
  • If you do not have the InfiniBox serial number (in this case, all logs for all of your InfiniBox systems are collected), go to:http://<infinimetrics>/collect_logs

The log file is downloaded. 

How to fetch a log from the command-line

  1. SSH to InfiniMetrics (follow the instructions described on: Upgrading InfiniMetrics.
  2. Run: infinimetrics collect-logs.

Where to send the logs

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