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There is no direct upgrade path to version 5.x from versions earlier than 5.0. To migrate your data from version 4.x, see Migrating from InfiniMetrics 4.x to 5.0 or above.

Infinidat leverages VMware's native Update Manager by providing a tool that checks for upgrades. This tool is accessible via the internet.

If your vCenter Server does not have an internet connection, you can use other upgrade methods as described further down this section.

Download site for the installation file

The InfiniMetrics installation file is provided in an OVA format. The OVA file is available from:

Backing up the VM

Prior to the upgrade, it is advised to back up the InfiniMetrics VM.

Upgrading InfiniMetrics via the internet

This section explains how to upgrade InfiniMetrics using the Infinidat Upgrade Tool.

  1. On a browser, access Infinidat Upgrade Tool: 
    Use the following credentials:

    • For the User, enter root
    • For the Password, enter the value set for your InfiniMetrics password. If a value has not been set, enter nfinidat1

    The Infinidat System window opens.

  2. Select the Update tab to open the Upgrade Tool.
    Your current InfiniMetrics version is displayed.

  3. Click Check Updates.
    Details of the available update are displayed.

  4. Click Install Updates.
    The available update is installed. 

Manually providing the upgrade file

This section explains how to upgrade InfiniMetrics when the upgrade file is provided manually.

  • Go to the repository site (see the link at the top of this page).
    1. Select InfiniMetrics on the navigation tree.
    2. Click on Other versions and platforms.

      Select the file that ends with ISO and download it.

    3. Shut down the InfiniMetrics VM and create a new virtual CD-ROM. Use the device type Emulate CD-ROM.
    4. Attach the update ISO to the new virtual CD-ROM device, and select Connect at Power On.
    5. Boot the InfiniMetrics Virtual Machine.
  • On the Infinidat Upgrade Tool:
    1. Go to the Infinidat Upgrade Tool as explained in the Upgrading InfiniMetrics via the internet section above.
    2. In the Update tab, click Settings and select the CD ROM Updates option.
    3. Upload the file and click Save.

Using a specified repository for upgrade files

  1. Install the Infinidat Application Repository.
    For the relevant Application Repository documentation, see:
    Populate the Application Repository with the InfiniMetrics upgrade package.

  2. Point the InfiniMetrics appliance to fetch the package from the Application Repository.
    Copy the Repository URL and replace with the new repo address.

Using the VMware Update Manager

  1. Perform the first bullet of Manually providing the upgrade file.
  2. Go to the Upgrade Manager.
    For instructions on upgrading InfiniMetrics via the native VMware Update Manager, see VMware Studio 2.6 User Guide page 21.

Feature support when upgrading from below InfiniMetrics 4.1

  • InfiniMetrics 4.1 introduces InfiniMetrics Call Home
  • First-time activation - the Call Home requires Infinidat support.
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