How to access InfiniMetrics

  • Viewing the metrics of an InfiniBox system requires credentials that are set on the InfiniBox system (local user).
  • Do not access InfiniMetrics using credentials of an LDAP user.
  • The local user can be set with a permission level of ReadOnly, thus, can cause no harm to the monitored InfiniBox systems.
  • If you still prefer to access InfiniMetrics by a LDAP user, note that any LDAP connectivity issue will result in InfiniMetrics not collecting InfiniBox data.

Instructions on how to set a user on InfiniBox

  1. On InfiniBox
    1. Login to InfiniBox with an Admin user
    2. Select Settings from the menu and then click the Users tab
    3. Create a local user with a Read_Only user role
  2. On InfiniMetrics
    1. Use the user you created on step 1 to log into InfiniMetrics

For more information: see the Authentication and Security and LDAP Integration chapters on the InfiniBox user documentation.

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