The InfiniMetrics appliance is configured by default to perform under the following load:

  • Monitoring 3 InfiniBox systems, monitoring altogether ~250 entities with the default interval
  • Support for 3 simultaneous web clients


For larger deployments, InfiniMetrics requires additional CPU, RAM, and disk space, according to the following guidelines

  • Every additional 300 entities require additional 25GB of disk space. See Expanding the disk space of the InfiniMetrics appliance
  • When monitoring either of the one of the following, it is recommended to set the appliance with 4 CPU cores and 4GB of RAM:
    • More than 1000 entities
    • More than 4 InfiniBox systems

For deployments larger than 2000 entities or 16 InfiniBox systems, please contact INFINIDAT support for assistance on how to configure your InfiniMetrics appliance for your specific environment.