InfiniBox features off-the-shelf hardware components, allowing for a quick adoption of newer, faster hardware components.

Available layouts

The following image displays various the InfiniBox rack layouts.

InfiniBox hardware components


The InfiniBox PDUs receive power from the data center in one of the following ways:

  1. 2 PDU on each side of InfiniBox, that are fed from above the InfiniBox.
  2. 2 PDU on each side that are fed from the floor.
  3. 1 PDU on each side, that is fed from above, the PDUs are 3PH.


The PDUs feed the ATSs in either of the following configurations:




4 * 1PH / 2 * 3PH


  • 2 PDUs connected to 1 ATS
  • 2 PDUs connected to the other 2 ATS (each PDU is connected to both ATS)


A single ATS feeds a single PDU.






An ATS per BBU

PDU to Enclosure(s)

Each enclosure is fed from 2 different PDUs.

BBU to Nodes

Each BBU feeds two Nodes. In case of a single BBU failure, all 3 nodes remain acitve:

  • 2 BBUs keep 3 Nodes active.
  • 1 BBU keeps 2 Nodes active.

Enclosures and drives

8 Enclosures, each contains 60 drives:

  • Ultra-dense 4U
  • 60 NL-SAS HDDs, hot-pluggable
  • 2 x hot-pluggable, redundant IO controllers equipped with redundant 6Gbps, 2.0 SAS connections
  • 2 x hot-pluggable, redundant power and cooling modules
  • Two independent AC power inlets


Support the Nodes during power loss, allowing enough time for the notes to gracefully shutdown

  • Provide power loss enough time for the Nodes to shut down gracefully in an event where the two power sources are lost
  • When power returns, the system is powered on automatically

Drive visibility

Each node has direct access to all drives.

The patch panel

The InfiniBox patch panel is located on the rear side of the rack. The patch panel layout includes 3 sets of cable ports, one for each node.

Each of the nodes may include:

  • 8 FC ports
  • 4 Ethernet ports (copper or optics)
  • 1 management port for the InfiniBox Management Suit
  • Port 15 for connecting to the Remote Support appliance 

Hardware terminology

  • PDU - Power Distribution Unit. An electricity appliance that receives power from the data center and provides multiple power outputs to feed the InfiniBox appliances. 
  • ATSAutomatic Transfer Switch. An electrical switch that selects the power source between two PDUs to feed the BBU in such a way that each of the BBU is fed from redundant power sources.
    The ATS is located within the Utility Drawer.
  • BBU - Backup Battery Unit. Provides electrical power in case no power arrives from the data center, allowing InfiniBox to gracefully shutdown and protect the user data.
  • NodeA Storage Controller. The InfiniBox component that receives IO from the hosts and controls the way they are stored. InfiniBox has 3 Nodes in Active-Active-Active formation for maximum redundancy.
    Nodes are fed from the BBU. Nodes may include SSD drives for Read Cache.
  • EnclosureA fully redundant storage enclosure that contains 60 drives.
    The Enclosures are power consumers. Enclosures are fed from redundant PDUs.

InfiniBox visio components

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