InfiniBox provides visibility to key performance indicators. Each indicator can monitor the system, a host or a volume. The available indicators are: throughput, IOPS, latency, read IOPS, write IOPS and open requests.

Performance monitoring is done from the InfiniBox Management Console, or through InfiniMetrics, an INFINIDAT VMWare appliance. 

Viewing system performance on the GUI

The monitors contain control for selecting indicators and monitored entities, and for adding monitors to the screen.

Newly added monitors display performance data that is gathered as long as the monitors are defined and as long as the Performance screen is open. The gathered information is not preserved when the screen is closed.

In order to gather and maintain Performance information, use InfiniMetrics.

Viewing system performance using InfiniMetrics

INFINIDAT InfiniMetricsTM is a VMware appliance for collecting and displaying performance metrics from one or more InfiniBoxes.

For InfiniMetrics documentation, refer to the: Related Documentation section.

On measuring latency

InfiniBox measures IO latency for the round-trip time (until the moment the host acknowledges). Round-trip latency measures end-to-end traverse of I/O, including storage latency, fabric latency and initiator acknowledgment.

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