Required entities

The replication uses the following entities, defined one on top of the other:

  • Ethernet ports - every InfiniBox system includes 3 controller nodes. Every node has access to all drives. Depending on the available InfiniBox model, one may have either 2 (F61xx/F21xx) or 4 (F62xx/F22xx) 10Gbps Ethernet ports per node.
  • Service - an InfiniBox feature that requires network connectivity. For example: Replication, NAS.
  • Network space - different InfiniBox services require a network space of their own. For example, separate network spaces are required for Replication and for NAS.

Required ports

Make sure you have accessibility (admin privileges) to both local and remote systems. On each of the systems:


Connected ports

IP addresses

Firewall ports






3 or 6 (3 * 1 or 2)

3 or 6

  • Recommended: 6 IP addresses


Creating ports

Create a port on each of the Nodes:

On Node 1: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N1ETH1

On Node 2: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N2ETH1

On Node 3: 

config.ethernet.interface.create_single_port port=N3ETH1

Create a network interface

Create a network space

Creating a replica

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