The following page explains how to manually configure AIX hosts to work with InfiniBox systems.

If you are using Host PowerTools, the configuration is done by running infinihost settings check.

You should use Host PowerTools on the available platforms and only perform the manual instructions mentioned below on older platforms where Host PowerTools is not available.

Configuring the ODM

Download the INFINIDAT ODM file from here

Copy it to the AIX host.

Then, run: 

rpm -Uvh <infinidat-odm-filepath.rpm>

Configure the HBA driver according to best practices

Find all FC HBA drivers:

lsparent -C -k fcp -F name

For each driver, find the value of the error recovery policy:

lsattr -El <driver> -a fc_err_recov -F value

If the error recovery policy is not "fast_fail", check that there are no FC LUNs mapped to the host and change the policy by running:

chdev -l <name> -a fc_err_recov=fast_fail

Applies to

  • AIX5
  • AIX7

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