Settings Windows SAN Policy to Online


Test Description

This test checks that the Windows SAN Policy is Online, which means that once a block device is detected, it can be put to work via the disk management APIs.

This applies only to Windows server that are not part of a Failover cluster.


This test case fails if:

The SAN policy is not Online.

This test case passes if:

The SAN policy is Online.

How-to fix this test

Automatic fix

This test uses the Partition Manager APIs to set the SAN policy to Online.


Manual fix

This behaviour can be changed by the diskpart utility, see relevant documentation on TechNet. In the diskpart utility, the SAN policy is called OnlineAll, and not Online


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    Curtis Abreu

    This will cause Windows Failover Cluster Validation tests to fail. SAN policy must be set to offlineshared along with 'automount' set to enabled.