Test Description

This test checks whether the configurable parameters for loaded HBA drivers match the best practices.

This test case issues a warning if:

One of the parameter values does not match the best practice.

HBA active port configuration doesn't fit the driver configuration.

This test case passes if:

All of the parameter values match the best practices.

How-to fix this test

Finding the driver configuration file

Ubuntu: /etc/modprobe.d/infinidat.conf

Redhat 5 or 6: /etc/modprobe.conf

Redhat 7: /etc/modprobe.d/infinidat.conf

Conflicts in driver configuration

In case you got this warning, there is another configuration file that conflicts with the driver recommended configuration.

WARNING: There are conflicts in driver configuration. The lpfc_lun_queue_depth parameter is configured to 126 while we need 128

Use the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Check if /etc/modprobe.conf has this parameter configured for the bad value.

  2. Use `grep -n lpfc_lun_queue_depth /etc/modprobe.d/*` (when lpfc_lun_queue_depth specify the parameter shown on warning) to find the conflict files.

  3. Make sure that no other application needs this configuration, and remove the conflict parameters setting.

  4. Rerun the test.

Automatic fix

The automatic fix performs the following steps:

  1. Writes the recommended options to the configuration file
  2. The automatic fix requires a reboot if the fiber channel driver cannot be reloaded.

Manual fix

To make the driver parameters persistent across module loads and reboots:

  1. Create or modify if exist the configuration file, using the Options command.
  2. Reload the driver.
  3. ramdisk the image.

Example: the following sets the verbose flag.

options lpfc lpfc_log_verbose=0xffff

If the same option is specified both in the configuration file and on the modprobe command line, the
option setting in the command line takes precedence.

Below are the default values that are applied:

			"fc_driver_attributes": {
				"lpfc": {
					"lpfc_hba_queue_depth": "128",
                    "lpfc_lun_queue_depth": "128",
                    "lpfc_devloss_tmo": "5",
                    "lpfc_log_verbose": "0xff"
                "qla2xxx": {
                	"ql2xenablemsix": "0",
                    "ql2xmaxqdepth": "128",
                    "ql2xextended_error_logging": "507510784"

More Information

List of recommended HBA drivers

Applies To

  • Red Hat
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu

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