INFINIDAT uses the storage terminology for a backup: the snapshot. The snapshot reflects the content of the volume – and the datastore – at a certain point-in-time.

INFINIDAT utilizes an advanced snapshot mechanism that allows for creating an extremely scalable number of snapshots for a virtual machine with no performance penalty.

Virtual disk consolidation

The INFINIDAT Host PowerTools for VMware snapshot consistency process includes the following steps:

  1. Creation of VMware level snapshot
  2. Creation a storage level snapshot
  3. Deleting the VMware level snapshot 

When creating a VM level snapshot, the original VMDK file gets into R/O mode, and, at the same time, a new delta file is created for all the new writes.

Whenever the VM level snapshot is deleted the delta file needs to be consolidated into the VMDK file (and set the VMDK back to R/W).

As this consolidation takes time and might affect performance, HPT-VM allows the user to skip this consolidation by only deleting the VMWare snapshot without consolidating the VMDK delta file).

However, the user still has to consolidate the delta file, but the consolidation can be scheduled to be run later, when the system is less busy.


  1. Select a datastore or a virtual machine and open its INFINIDAT tab.
    Click Snapshot.
    The Create Snapshot screen opens. 
  2. Fill in the following information:
    1. Snapshot name
    2. Description - Add optional text here.
    3. Perform VMware consistency snapshot - Check this box in order to create a consistent snapshot by performing Quiesce. 
    4. Consolidate virtual disk - Check this box in order to consolidate the virtual disk now. - If left unchecked, the disk consolidation will take place later, when the system is less busy. 
  3. Click Done.
    The snapshot is created. 
    The snapshot is visible on screen along with its properties.

The snapshot is visible from the InfiniBox GUI, as well.

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