About this task

This security feature allows the system admin to better control local accounts, refraining them from accessing InfiniBox on demand. The system admin can lock any of the local users. The locked user is still listed on the users list, but cannot log into the InfiniBox system until unlocked by the system admin.

  • NFINIDAT recommends to disable all local all users and only use Active Directory users.
  • This operation is applicable only to local users.
  • For more information on managing LDAP users, see here: Overview of user management

A note on predefined user

This task allows to lock all predefined local users, including:

  • Technician

Disabling a user

  1. Click the GUI Settings icon and then the Users tab.
  2. Check a user and select Disable user from the actions menu.
  3. Approve the operation:

    The user is marked as disabled.

Enabling a user 

  1. Click the GUI Settings icon and then the Users tab.
  2. Check a user and select Enable user from the actions menu.
    The user is enabled. 
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