Release Notes

What's new in this release

  • This release supports InfiniBox 3.0.30

Known issues


Fixed issues

Key release notes title release notes description
CLI-2318 The output of the command cg.member_query cannot be sorted
1 issue

Supported InfiniBox versions

This InfiniShell release supports all InfiniBox releases.

Accessing the InfiniShell Console

The InfiniBox Management Console provides both Graphic and command-line UI for managing the InfiniBox.
To access InfiniShell from the GUI:
Select InfiniShell from the More menu at the top right of the screen.
The InfiniShell console opens, displaying the command prompt:
Alternately, you can access the InfiniShell console from the following URL:
<InfiniBox>.<your-site>.com /#/infinishell

Getting help on commands

The help command uses the following arguments:

  • On – this argument gets a name of a command and returns the command syntax.
  • Search – this argument gets any string of characters and returns a list of commands and parameters.

User documentation

  • See the User Documentation section on this page: InfiniBox 3.0

A note on installing InfiniShell on a Windows client

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