The InfiniBox OpenStack Cinder driver has a known issue where Unicode volume creation may fail. This article contains a fix patch, as well as instructions for applying the patch.

Obtaining the patch file

You may download the patch file by using the following link: infinidat-openstack-unicode-fix.diff

Applying the patch

  1. Find the directory where the infinidat-openstack package is installed.
    Typically, this will be in: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/infinidat_openstack
  2. Copy the patch file to this directory.
  3. Open a terminal window and change the directory to the infinidat-openstack package directory where the patch file was copied. 
  4. In the terminal, run the following command: 

    patch -p1 < infinidat-openstack-unicode-fix.diff
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