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Defining an LDAP server to work with InfiniBox allows LDAP users (users that are listed on the LDAP server) to access InfiniBox.


  1. On the InfiniBox GUI, go to Settings, click the LDAP tab and click the Define button.
  2. Set the following attributes:
    1. Name - LDAP connection name as it will be displayed on the InfiniBox GUI. This name does not have to be the actual LDAP server name.
    2. Domain name - the name of the LDAP server or a domain of LDAP server
    3. Use SSL - select whether to use LDAPS
    4. Port
    5. Bind username 
    6. Bind password
  3. (Optional) Click the Action button to change the preconfigured schema
  4. Click Define Server
    The server is defined.

Instructions for testing the LDAP definition

  1. From the LDAP tab, select an LDAP definition, click the Action button and select Modify Configuration.
    The Modify Active Directory Server screen opens. 
  2. Click Test.
    A success message is displayed on the screen. 
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