Host Readiness Checks for ESX Hosts - iSCSI


Test Description

This test checks that the ESX host has an iSCSI host bus adapter configured. The list of host bus adapters can be found in the VMware web client under Manage->Storage->Storage Adapters. This test looks for an adapter under "iSCSI Software Adapter".

The iSCSI tests also verify the "Advanced Options" of the iSCSI host bus adapter - the "RecoveryTimeout" advanced option must be set to "30" or above.


This test case fails if:

  • No iSCSI host bus adapter is configured on the ESX host
  • The iSCSI host bus adapter's advanced options are not set correctly.

This test case passes if:

The iSCSI host bus adapter is configured


How to fix this test

Automatic fix

This test has does not automatically create or configure the iSCSI adapter. An adapter has to be configured by the system administrator.

The test can only fix the advanced options automatically, by setting the "RecoveryTimeout" advanced option to "30".

Manual fix

  • Configure the iSCSI host bus adapter
    • Using the VMware web client, under the ESX host view, go to Manage->Storage->Storage Adapters
    • If there is no "iSCSI Software Adapter" configured in the list, click on the add ("+") icon and choose "Software iSCSI adapter".
  • Configure the iSCSI host bus adapter advanced options
    • Click on the iSCSI software adapter, and under "Adapter Details" on the bottom click on the "Advanced Options" tab. Click "Edit"
    • Find the "RecoveryTimeout" option and set the value to "30"