Whenever an error message is displayed on screen, and the way to workaround it cannot be found on this publication, please send the log to INFINIDAT Customer Support.

Troubleshoot the issue by yourself

Start with the following steps:

  1. Verify that the vCenter runtime settings are correct.
    See: Installing Host Power Tools for VMware.
  2. Verify that all firewall ports are configured correctly.
    See: Installation prerequisites

Fetch a log

  1. The log file is available for download from the top-right corner:

    You can also fetch the last log directly from a browser at http://<ip>/logs/server.log
  2. In case the web server is not reachable, the log files are available under /opt/infinidat/host-power-tools/data/logs.
  3. Send it to INFINIDAT Customer Support:
    For other means of communications, see:
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