Provisioning volumes from the Host PowerTools GUI


Provisioning a volume

  1. Select a system and click the cog wheel.
    Click New.
    The Create Volume screen opens, displaying the system’s volumes.
  2. The Volume Name is provided by the Host PowerTools.
    1. Set:
      1. The volume size.
      2. The pool.
      3. Note the capacity indicator. It displays the relevant information for every pool that is selected from the drop-down menu.
      4. Check whether to create a file system.
      5. Select the file system type.
      6. Check whether to mount the file system.
      7. Select a mount path.
    2. Click Continue.
  3. An informative message that specifies the volume’s details is displayed on screen.
    1. Click Start.
      The volume is created.
  4. Click Done.
    The volume is available on the Volumes screen.

Viewing the volumes

The InfiniHost web GUI displays the InfiniBox systems that the host is connected to.

  • Click the cog wheel to see a list of volumes that are mapped to the host.

Volume actions

The available actions for each volume are listed under Actions at the right side of the Volumes table.

A description of each of the actions is available on previous chapters of this guide:

Running a performance test

  1. Select Performance Test from the Actions menu of a volume.
    The Performance window opens.
  2. Click Start. The performance test takes place.
    The test results are displayed on screen.
  3. Click Close.

Mapping a volume

  1. Select a system and click the cog wheel.
  2. Click Map.
    Map Volume screen opens, displaying the system’s volumes.
  3. Select a volume, using either of the following methods:
    • Search
    • Browse
    • Select whether to include clones
  4. Click Done.

The volume is mapped and is visible on the Volumes table.