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InfiniBox provides visibility to key performance indicators. Each graph can monitor the system, a host, a volume or a filesystem. The available indicators are: throughput, IOPS/FOPS, latency, read IOPS/FOPS, write IOPS/FOPS and open requests (for SAN only). Performance monitoring is done from the InfiniBox GUI, or through InfiniMetrics, an INFINIDAT VMware plugin


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Before you begin

On the GUI, click the Performance icon on the toolbar on the left. 
The Performance screen opens. 

Adding a chart

  1. Click Add Chart and select a Monitor from the list.
    The chart is added to the screen. 

Adding a top table

  1. Click Add top table and select an entity from the list. The top table opens on the screen.

Drilling-down the charts

  1. On the chart: click the action menu of the monitored operation and select from the list how to break down the data.
    A new chart is added below the existing chart.
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