About this task

This task adds a member to a consistency group on an InfiniBox system.


  • A consistency group
  • Datasets (volumes) that are added as members to the consistency group

Before you begin

The purpose of the consistency group is to group datasets in a way that will allow to take consistent snapshots for all of them.

  • Note: Only volumes qualify as members of a consistency group.

Pool association

  • Upon creation, the consistency group is associated with a pool.
  • All of the volumes of a consistency group reside in the same pool. 
  • The consistency group can be moved between pools, but individual members cannot move between pools independently. 
  • When a consistency group moves, all of its members and their snapshots move with it.


  1. Click on a consistency group on the Consistency Groups tab.
    The Consistency Groups screen opens. If the consistency group has no members yet - for example, if it was just created - a bubble pops, indicates the availability of the option to add members.
  2. Click Add Members. Two options are made available on screen: 
    Create Volume - create new volumes that will be members of the consistency group.
    Add to Group - add volumes - from the list of volumes - to the consistency group
  3. Creating / adding volumes:
    • In case of adding volumes: the list displays volumes from the same pool of the consistency group. Check the desired volumes and click Add to Group.
      The volumes are added to the consistency group.
    • In case of creating a new volume, a Create Volume screen opens.
      You can create - and add to the consistency group up to 100 volumes, according to the following guidelines:
      • Setting index numbers to volumes. This option accepts any index number up to 999. The created volumes will be indexed from 1 to the set number.
      • Setting a range of index numbers. This option accepts any range under a limitation of 7 characters (hyphen included). For example: 101-200, 91-999. The largest index number available is 999.

Related tasks

This task and all other filesystem tasks are available both on the GUI and InfiniShell.

Related GUI tasks

Related InfiniShell commands

  • cg.create - create a new consistency group
  • cg.add_member - add a member to a consistency group
  • cg.delete - delete a consistency group
  • cg.move - move a consistency group to another pool
  • cg.remove_member - remove a member from a consistency group
  • cg.restore - restore a consistency group from one of its snapshot groups
  • cg.rename - rename a consistency group
  • cg.query - list all consistency groups
  • cg.member_query - list all of the members of a consistency group

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