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InfiniBox offers both FC and iSCSI connectivity to the customers. This document provides a quick-start guide and covers best practices for an efficient iSCSI setup.

iSCSI set-up documentation

Step 1: configuring the network

Physical network layout

InfiniBox runs several services (Replication, NAS, iSCSI) on mutual physical infrastructure. The basic configuration consideration compares (and prioritize) between:

  • Bandwidth optimization - sharing interfaces among services
  • Full redundancy - allocating an interface per service

The available physical network layouts are discussed in detail here: 

Creating the logical network entities

  1. Creating a network interface
  2. Creating a network space

Step 2: Setting the host to use the iSCSI protocol

  1. Creating a host
  2. Adding a port to a host
  3. Monitoring iSCSI traffic - Adding a performance chart
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