All of the commands are available both from the InfiniShell and the GUI.


Create a new local user.

Set the user’s name, password, email address and role.

Creating an admin 

user.create name=pool-01 role=PoolAdmin password=123456

The output is:

Local user "pool-01" created

Creating a PoolAdmin

user.create name=pool-02 role=PoolAdmin

You are asked to provide a password for the user. The password you enter is not displayed on screen.                    

Please enter a password for user "pool-02": 

The output is:

Local user "pool-02" created             

All of the user’s attributes can be edited later on.


List existing local users along with their roles and the pools they have access to.

NAME        ROLE        POOLS                                                                                                                                                                 
admin       ADMIN       <all pools>                                                                                                                                                          
infinidat   INFINIDAT   <all pools>                                                                                                                                                           
technician  TECHNICIAN  -     

More user commands

  • user.rename - Change local user name.
  • user.change_password - Interactively reset password of local user. Enter the new password and re-enter when prompted to do so.
  • user.reset_password - Send password reset email to local user. 
    • Follow the instructions on the email.
    • Note: This command requires a verification of the INFINIDAT certificate. Hence, the command is available when accessing InfiniBox from a shell and when using the GUI, but is not accessible when using InfiniShell from a browser.
  • user.change_email - Change local user email.
  • user.change_role -  Change local user role.  Available roles: Admin, PoolAdmin. The availability of these roles depends on the role of the user that runs this command.
  • user.delete - Delete the local user. A user cannot delete its own account. Whenever you need to rearrange your pool administrators, and to delete any of them, use the Admin user. You do not have permissions to delete the Admin user.

Pool Admin commands

The PoolAdmin user is an administrator of specific pools. This user has admin privileges to specific pools only. The user has read-only access to other pools. The PoolAdmin user is not predefined on the InfiniBox.

  • user.add_pool - Grant pool provisioning privileges to a pool administrator.
    • This command operates on pool administrators only.
    • Type:

      user.add_pool name=<PoolAdmin> pool=

       and TAB.
      A list of available pool IDs is dispalyed on screen. Add the pools one-by-one:

      user.add_pool name=admin1 pool=pool1

      Following the confirmation message, the pool association with the pool admin is visible via user.query.

  • user.remove_pool - Revoke pool provisioning privileges from a pool administrator.

Switching among users

Use the following login commands to switch among users.


Use this command in order to switch the user with which you log into the InfiniBox.

For example, following the user.create command, you can test the access rights of the new user. From the InfiniShell, log into InfiniBox as follows:

admin@localhost> login username=pool-01-admin       

Enter the password.

The logged in user is displayed on the command prompt:



Use these commands to close the InfiniShell session.

Refresh the browser to login again.

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