About this task

  • This task provides instructions for powering off the InfiniBox system

Before you begin

  • Contact a local facility personnel and get their consent
  • This task requires access to GUI/CLI. If you do not have such an access, please contact support.


  1. Gracefully shutdown the system using the following infinishell command:


    As a result, the nodes will be automatically powered off. This may take a few minutes.

In emergency situations, where there is no access to the GUI/Infinishell,  InfiniBox can be powered-off by tripping down the wall circuit breakers. This will power-down the InfiniBox as if there is an event of a power outage.

Expected result

  • The InfiniBox nodes are Off
  • The enclosures are Off as well


  • Contact support


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1 out of 1 found this helpful