About this task

This task sets the security properties of an iSCSI host.

  • The security settings cannot be used during the discovery of the iSCSI target

Before you begin

The host - InfiniBox iSCSI communication is secured by CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol). InfiniBox uses the following types of CHAP authentication:

  • None - no security at all
  • Inbound - Initiator authenticated by the target in order to gain access to the target
  • Mutual - The target is also authenticated by the initator (in addition to the Inbound authentication)

iSCSI set-up documentation

Changing the security type

When the user increases the communication security (either from None to Inbound or from Inbound to Mutual), the host disconnects from InfiniBox and has to be manually connected.


  • iSCSI host

GUI instructions

  1. Click the Hosts & Clusters icon on the toolbar at the left of the InfiniBox Management Console screen.
  2. Select a Host.
  3. Select iSCSI Security from the Actions menu.
  4. Select between:
    1. None - the property that is set to the host upon creation
      1. Check whether to clear previously set users and passwords
    2. CHAP - an Inbound only security setting
      1. Set the User
      2. Set the Target Secret - optional: click Auto Generate to generate a 16-digits secret
    3. Mutual - a both Inbound and Outbound security setting
      1. Set pairs of user and secret for the target and the initiator
  5. Click Modify.
    The host security properties are set. 

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