InfiniBox generates the following iSCSI-related events:

Failed authentication

The following events are created whenever the authentication between the host and InfiniBox fails.


Host configuration

This event is created whenever a port is removed from a host. (The event existed in past releases, for FC connectivity.) 


Settings modification

    • ISCSI_CHAP_SECRET_MODIFIED - the CHAP secret was modified
    • ISCSI_HOST_AUTHENTICATION_CHANGED - the CHAP authentication type was modified
      • Available types are: CHAP (inbound only), mutual (inbound and outbound), none
    • SYSTEM_IQN_SET - infinidat

Service status

    • ISCSI_SERVICE_DEGRADED - the iSCSI service is not served by all InfiniBox nodes


    • ISCSI_SESSION_CREATED - the host is expected to open at least one session per InfiniBox node
    • ISCSI_SESSION_DESTROYED - when the connection that the session relies on is closed by the initiator, or times-out, the event is generated

Network Space registration

    • ISNS_SERVER_REGISTRATION_FAILED - the server is reachable and rejects the registration
    • ISNS_SERVER_UNREACHABLE - the server is unreachable
    • NETWORK_SPACE_ISCSI_MODIFIED - an iSCSI (for example, TCP port, iSNS servers list, etc) was modified
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