Customers engage Infinidat Support when requesting a microcode upgrade, reporting on a bug, etc. Here are some best practice guidelines for contacting Infinidat Support.

How to contact Infinidat Support

Contact methods:

  1. Support website 
  2. Email
  3. Call Center
  4. Your Infinidat TA, during regular business hours only
    • Your Technical Advisor (TA) is a professional service person who is provided by Infinidat. Each customer has a dedicated TA for consulting and support activity arrangement.
    • You can escalate issues to your TA during regular business hours.
    •  If you do not have a TA or you do not know your TA contact info, please contact your Infinidat sale representative.

How to open a ticket on the Support site

  1. Log into the Support website at:
  2. Click the New Request option on the top bar.
    A request form opens.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Additional email addresses to receive the information. (Optional)
    • Subject
    • Description
    • Issue type
    • Product - The product that the request relates to, such as InfiniBox, InfiniGuard, etc. This is a mandatory field.
    • Product version - Depending on the product, the version number can be found in the About information or at the top of the window.
    • System serial - The ID of your InfiniBox system.
    • Severity - The default value is Normal. When reporting an event that impacts your business, adjust the value to your needs.
  4. Click Submit.
    The request is submitted.
    An automatic email is sent to you, acknowledging receiving the email. 
  5. The request is visible on the My Requests screen.
  6. All communication from Infinidat Support is added to the request. There is no need to log into the Support site in order to reply to a comment.

Call Home

When using Call Home, the customer configures InfiniBox to automatically send pre-failure or failure notifications to the Infinidat event store. Based on pre-defined rules, these notifications generate alerts in Infinidat's issue tracking system. Infinidat Support analyzes alerts promptly and takes appropriate actions. If an alert requires service, the customer is informed and action is taken with the customer’s approval. This might include, for example, recovering the service in the system, sending replacement parts etc.

Call Home notifications are sent through emails via an SMTP server. This is a one-way method of communication. Call Home cannot be used for Infinidat to access the InfiniBox.


Infinidat Remote Support is optional software running on the Support Appliance (SA) to create a secure point-to-point connection for supporting InfiniBox and accelerating the resolution of Support cases. 

Remote Support Server (RSS) is used for It provides:

  • On-demand secured connection to the InfiniBox on the customer site
  • End-to-end encrypted channel
  • Full customer control of the connection
  • Full visibility and auditing of the session logs.

RSS provides Infinidat Support personnel with access to only the management interfaces of the InfiniBox system. This is equivalent to attaching a keyboard and a screen to the InfiniBox with the added benefit of exposing a full audit trail of the Support session.

To set up RSS, log into the Support website, and see the Remote Support User Guide.


InfiniTunnel is a self-sustained Support tool designed to ease the process of opening an SSH tunnel for Support purposes.

InfiniTunnel is designed to be run from a customer's desktop or laptop system (Windows, Linux, Mac). It opens an SSH tunnel from the InfiniBox storage system to the Infinidat Support Server.

InfiniTunnel might be helpful when the Remote Support Appliance:

  • is not available
  • has no internet connection (for example, due to a firewall policy)

Precedence of the Remote Support Appliance

If the Remote Support Appliance is available, customers are advised to prefer using it over InfiniTunnel.

InfiniTunnel temporarily enables an encrypted SSH tunnel from InfiniBox to a secured server over the internet.

How to run InfiniTunnel

  1. Download InfiniTunnel.
  2. Run InfiniTunnel from a desktop or laptop system that uses Windows, Linux, or OS X operating systems.
    • The system you are using must have internet access (port 22).
    • The system you are using must be connected to InfiniBox, either using a direct Ethernet cable or connecting to the InfiniBox LAN. 

Considerations for having an Infinidat Support Professional onsite

An Infinidat Support Professional needs to be onsite to support:

  • Parts replacement (drive, node, DIMM, etc.)
  • Remote session establishment if RSS and InfiniTunnel are not available from the customer

The customer needs to provide the Infinidat Support Professional with:

  • Data Center entrance permit
  • Internet access (WiFi) if cellphone/hotspot is not allowed in the Data Center
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