Publish date10-Feb-2021
Affected versions5.5.0 and above

Relevant issues

  • INFINIBOX-41973


At this time all hot upgrades to 5.5.x are halted.

Systems running microcode 5.5.x are exposed - in rare circumstances - to a potential data loss during emergency shutdown:

  • This could happen when the emergency shutdown takes place with other metadata protection operations simultaneously
  • Starting with release 5.5.0 the exposure time for such multiple faults is greatly reduced 
  • Therefore, the exposure for systems already running 5.5.x is minimal

There are two situations when this is still possible:

  • If a node has a faulty enclosure drive failure (L3 already prevent upgrades if there is a faulty enclosure drive)
  • During the first upgrade from 5.0.20-22 to a 5.5.x release there is a one-time metadata protection operation that might take time


The fix will be available in 5.5.30 and 6.0 when they release:

  • Customers should wait for 5.5.30 release
  • If a customer requires the functionality available in 5.5.12 and cannot wait for 5.5.30, then can be upgraded to 6.0 once it is released

New installs are approved to 5.5.12:

  • They will require upgrade to 5.5.30 or 6.0 when they become available 

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