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Affected versions4.0.30


Relevant issues

  • INFINIBOX-36264
  • INFINIBOX-36509


Release 4.0.30 introduced many performance improvements, however, as part of the internal testing we found an issue that manifests when sending I/O to a small number of objects on a single node result in High I/O latency (up to 500ms).

This behavior is less likely to happen in real-world I/O load and is more likely to happen in a PoC environment where the system is tested with low I/O load.

Also, the problem is more likely to affect NAS environments although not limited to NAS.

For example, generating I/O to a single file over NFS results in high latency, doing the same on four different files results in the expected latency.


When working with 4.0.30 one need to load the system with parallel I/Os rather than write to a limited number of objects on a single node.

Fix & resolution timeline

The fix will be included in the upcoming 4.0.40 release, or any hotfix release that may precede it.

This is also fixed in 4.0.31

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